El Dorado Imports has for 20+ years created a very successful wholesale business now headquartered   in Jalisco, Mexico. We work mostly with families and indigenous groups throughout the country who   have been creating these traditional products for generations. We have visited their Talleres   (workshops) and established our relationships based on honesty, good working conditions, quality   product control and their ability to fulfill orders in a timely manner.


This weapon was so effective and dangerous that after the Spaniards subdued the Aztecs in 1521 they made a concerted effort to round up and destroy all they could find. None survive to this day, not even in museums, only in illustrations in the Aztec codices (books) that were created before The Conquest. The name macuahuitl that was derived from the Nahuatl language is a weapon shaped like a wooden sword. Its sides are embedded with prismatic blades made from obsidian, a volcanic glassstone frequently used for tool making by the Aztec and other pre-Columbian Mesoamerican cultures. It was similar to a large wooden club with cuts in the side to hold the sharpened obsidian.

The maquahuitl 

Blades: Obsidian that has been professionally knapped to blade sharpness.

Total length: 31.5"
Handle length: 9"
Blade Length: 26.4"
Handle Tickness: 1.5"
Blades: 7 per side
The handle and stock: High quality Oakwood ( Varnished)


This replica  was created by our top artesano, Humberto who resides in the pueblo next to Teotihuacán. Using a wooden stock and authentic blades knapped from the finest obsidian just as the Aztecs did this is an authentic replica.This weapon was crafted especially for a customer in California who wanted it with authentic Aztec designs. We did the research and came up with the Serpent designs on one side and the Jaguar design on the other. This weapon can be created for you without the designs or any design to your liking.
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Side A Side B Handle


To order a "Battle Ready" Maquahuitl (No inlays) for $275 (including shipping) or inquire about special inlay designs email sales@mexarte.com or call toll free 888-442-4095
From the Florentine Codix

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